Stabilo 2M Walker
w/Electric Motor

The walker that supports & lifts your upper body with an electric motor YOU control

Walker with upper body support frame for walking rehabilitation and training. The area between the forearm support plates has a width of 40 cm so is practical for persons of any size.
The forearm support plate is gently lifted by a personally controlled electric motor which guides the patient as they rise up gently. It also lowers them back down slowly to assist with sitting down on the bed, chair or even the toilet. You can change the height of the support plate easily and quickly.
This walker can be used in any medical facility and is also suitable for home care.

It offers immense help to people with limited mobility!

Artificial leather colours available:

The front handles are adjustable for comfort in width and also can be angled. The ends of the handles are equipped with push buttons that easily control the movement up or down.

The Stabilo 2M Walker is designed with a central stainless steel column which is extremely sturdy even with the arm support plate at maximum extension height, up to 135cm above the ground.
The walker is also suitable for the very tall (up to 220cm). However, we also offer another option adapted for smaller frames.

Lowered chassis for easy mobility under chairs or beds

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